about this site

Why does it exist?

Something different

I already made a lot of sites in school. Those, however, were only made for class projects or homeworks. A Project could be: making a Photoshop tutorial but instead of a boring word-document we had to make a html-page about it. Or programm some shit in PhP. These sites would never be put online because they only exist for learning purposes.

Reliving the past

I eventually stumbled across the geocities graveyard" (no idea how i never heard of it before) and was amazed about all the stuff people did online before mainstream social-media even existed! Of course, one of the first things you inevitably notice is the design of those sites: They don't look modern at all but thinking, that these sites were probalby mostly made by teens and young adults who bought books about writing HTML-files to express themselves online, makes me apreciate them much more. An after all, I like the nostalgic retro look of webpages from the 90s. (that's why I try to style my webpage in a "not modern" way!). Geocities seemed like a place that felt like home to a lot of people and maybe I can make this feel like my home.


So basically I found out about geocities, fell in love with it, got sad that I never got to experience it myself, came across neocities and voilá! here we are!

One thing to know

This page is best viewed with a modern browser like Chrome (i havent tested others).
I noticed that Internet Explorer and Edge both render the site different (in a bad way) alignments don't work anymore, div boxes aren't sized correctly, etc. It seems to especially hate centering elements :/
But who uses these browsers anyway?

What to expect here

hmm... like... idk?